About Biology


     Our students, faculty, and staff are excited about the Biology program at the University of Northern Iowa. Our students are the next generation of scientists, researchers, health professionals, teachers and leaders. The Department of Biology has a unique program that offers students the opportunity to study a vast assortment of subjects: prairie plants and animals; ecology; biotechnology; the effects of herbicides and pesticides on human health; genetic diversity in various organisms; plant and animal morphology; animal and plant diseases; and aquatic to xicology. And these are but a sample! Students are mentored by award winning teaching faculty who are also nationally and internationally known for their scholarship.

     In our department, you will be surrounded by students who are curious and intent upon learning more about the broad discipline of biology. Some of these students have been recognized as Goldwater Scholars, of which there are only a few nationwide. All of our students are given a broad exposure to the field of biology in a series of four-core biology classes to be taken during their freshman and sophomore years. From there, the curriculum allows for students in their junior and senior years to "specialize" and choose biology courses that best fit their interests and needs. All of our faculty are involved in research and students are encouraged to become a part of this endeavor. In the research setting students can have hands-on learning. Lecture class size in the upper division courses is typically small and students in all lab classes will find they have access to individual attention. So, if you wish to be surrounded by award winning teaching faculty and students, caring faculty and staff, to have access to working in the research setting, and to be a part of something exciting and dynamic, the Department of Biology at the University of Northern Iowa is the right place for you.


Biology Office

Dr. David Saunders, Department Head
University of Northern Iowa
Dept. of Biology
144 McCollum Science Hall
Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0421
Tel.: (319) 273-2456
Fax: (319) 273-7125
Sandi Ingles, Office Coordinator
Email: sandi.ingles@uni.edu